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Why Words Matter: Sensitivity and Resilience

October 31, 2019 by Vicki Flier Hudson No Comment

Imagine this scenario. You are scrolling your Facebook feed, and you come across a post with a negative and inaccurate stereotype about your home state or country. The post was written by a stranger, but in the comments section you see that a friend of yours has chimed in saying “Ain’t that the truth!” You’re ...

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The Time is Now: Race, Denial, and Healing 

September 26, 2019 by Vicki Flier Hudson No Comment

I want you to imagine something with me. Imagine that there was only one Holocaust museum in the whole United States. And imagine that only a handful of US Americans knew it existed. Now imagine that when anyone brought up the Holocaust or other examples of Jewish persecution, the average person gave responses such as ...

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What Is Global Leadership?

August 30, 2019 by Vicki Flier Hudson No Comment

What Is Global Leadership? Working in the corporate sector gives me great access to the latest business buzz words. They come and go about every couple of years, and some of them are more useful than others. Remember when you couldn’t walk down a company hallway without hearing the word “synergy?” I personally like some ...

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Get in Alignment! A Mini-Teambuilding for Busy People

June 27, 2019 by Vicki Flier Hudson No Comment

These days, everyone is busy. This is the most common word I hear among friends, clients, and colleagues. We are processing so much information via email, web, Skype, social media, and more. The speed at which markets change also makes us feel like we can’t keep up. Workloads are heavy, and sometimes the things that ...

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Highroad Turns 15 Years Old: My Story of Building Bridges

May 30, 2019 by Vicki Flier Hudson No Comment

This past Tuesday my company, Highroad Global Services, turned 15 years old. I am a nostalgic sort, and I couldn’t help looking back to May 28, 2004 and remembering what it was like to commit to something I believed in wholeheartedly (and still do). My last day at my corporate job was very exciting. My ...

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Too Busy to Care About Culture?

April 25, 2019 by Vicki Flier Hudson No Comment

A manager walked down the hall of his U.S.-based multinational company looking puzzled. He sees a colleague from Brazil who asks him, “Is everything okay?” “Yes,” says the U.S. manager. “I just have so many meetings today that I’m not sure when I will get my work done!” Later in the evening, a global team ...

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Work/Life Integration: Two Lessons for the Cross-Cultural Workforce

March 28, 2019 by Vicki Flier Hudson No Comment

This blog was originally posted in 2015. I wanted to share the message again a few years later, as we could all use a little uplift!  Work/Life balance. Countless books have been written about the subject, and I’ve attended countless workshops whose aim was to help me achieve that goal. I hear the phrase across ...

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Repaint the Ceiling: Engage Your Workforce Through Seeing Old Patterns in New Ways

February 28, 2019 by Vicki Flier Hudson 2 Comments

A few weeks ago I repainted the ceiling of my music room. It was a pretty awful task, to be honest. Imagine standing on a chair holding a roller and trying to paint evenly upside down. All while not dripping paint all over yourself. Why did I engage in this activity from Hades? As many ...

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A New Year, A New Way of Working Together

January 31, 2019 by Vicki Flier Hudson No Comment

Happy 2019, Highroaders! I hope the year has started off well for you. While I am not a big fan of New Years resolutions, I do enjoy having a marker on the calendar to reevaluate the way I work. To kick off a great year of working across cultures, time, distance, and mindsets, here are ...

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A Plea to All: End of the Year Message

December 13, 2018 by Vicki Flier Hudson No Comment

Greetings Highroaders,      Normally as the year draws to a close, I like to send out an inspiring happy message to my readers. This year, I would like to make an impassioned plea to all. The human brain is both a glorious and frightening thing. It gives us the ability to reason and make ...

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