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Vicki Flier Hudson SpeakingCheck out our new offering, keynotes with an astronaut! Chief Highroader Vicki Hudson and astronaut Winston Scott speak about leadership, teamwork, and change. Click here to learn more.

Whether you are bringing your sales force together for an annual conference or looking for a keynote speaker for a global gathering, Vicki Flier Hudson will bring your event to life.

Vicki and the Highroad team help you get ready to soar across cultures and stay competitive. If you are looking for a global diversity expert and dynamic facilitator for your upcoming retreat or offsite planning meeting, contact us today by e-mail at vicki@highroaders.com or call (1)770.936.9209.

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Popular Keynotes

Keynote: Go for Launch: Global Team Performance Secrets from Space

Chief Collaboration Officer Vicki Flier Hudson uses the NASA Apollo moon missions to show you how to get into alignment with people from all backgrounds. This intriguing yet unforgettable message provides a clear pathway to uniting a diverse team, clarifying expectations, and achieving the formerly impossible together. Give your organization access to the tools that, along with the efforts of a cross-cultural team, landed human beings on the moon.

Today working together with people from around the globe is inevitable. In a domestic organization, more and more people work virtually, never meeting face to face. Cultural differences, language barriers, time zones, varied communication styles, and lack of nonverbal cues can cause significant confusion. Discover ways to go beyond misaligned expectations to leverage the power of differences in a wholly authentic way.

Vicki uses the NASA Mission Rules model, video, and personal tales of flying planes at age thirteen to create an inspiring and impactful keynote presentation.

After attending this keynote, participants will…

  • Use their knowledge of Mission Rules to identity areas for alignment in their personal or professional lives
  • Develop ways to be more authentic in the workplace while connecting and working well with people of different backgrounds
  • Be inspired to form more effective relationships with team members for better results

Keynote: Compassionate Courage: The Power of Through in Leadership and Life

Through courage, a great leader learns about speaking up for what she feels is right, motivating others, taking a stand, and following her moral compass. Through these different lenses the leader learns about compassion. Through compassion she learns to expand her definition of courage, and is therefore able to speak to a wider audience, to be more aware of different cultural/personal contexts, and to increase the impact of her message. With the power of “through” she has given herself more options for accomplishing her goals. Using research from cross-cultural scholars, inspiration from authors, and the speaker’s personal story of compassionate courage in a time of antisemitism, we invite participants to lead from their center and get innovative results.
After attending this keynote, participants will…

  • Integrate the compassionate courage model into their work
  • Use their authenticity to inspire others and get results
  • Lead by example with the power of “through”

Keynote: Speak to Be Remembered: Powerful Presentations for Success

A persuasive presentation today means more than standing in front of a crowd with prepared notes and slides. Powerful presentations today are about authenticity, conveying a strong message, and providing value to attendees. Whether we are selling a product or sharing an update in a workplace meeting, we must communicate effectively for our ideas to be heard. Compelling presentation skills earn respect and can take you to new heights in your professional and personal life.  In this talk, you will learn what it takes to present with confidence, manage your fears, and deliver a message that sticks with audiences long after you have gone. We will explore “whole-level” presentations, making use of voice, body language and intellect to persuade your audience and maximize your potential. Rise above the rest with the power of presentation!

After attending this keynote, participants will…

  • Connect with their passion and imagine new paths for professional growth
  • Apply presentation techniques that will set them apart
  • Use presentations to achieve their goals in work and life

Popular Workshops

When 'Yes' Means 'No': Bridging the Cultural Communication Gap

Studies show that cross-cultural communication remains the biggest challenge to global business today.

Have you ever been speaking to a colleague from another culture and get the feeling that something got lost in translation, and not because of language? Have you ever had a colleague from another culture commit to something and then not deliver, in spite of assurances to the contrary? When you’re negotiating, do you ever wonder if you’re getting the “truth” from your counterparts?

The issue of differing cultural communication styles continues to plague businesses the world over. While communication may seem like a soft skill, deliverables and project results are often negatively affected when each person thinks he or she knows what the other is talking about!

Bridging the Cultural Communication Gap gives you the tools to ensure you have the best chance at mutual understanding. Don’t risk your deadline, team morale, or negotiation; get the inside scoop on what to look for and how to give culturally effective feedback.

In this interactive breakout session, you will learn the following and more:

  1. How to identify differing communication styles across cultures
  2. Ten ways to say “no” without saying “no”
  3. How to give criticism and feedback across cultures
  4. Core cultural concepts, such as saving face, and how they affect your workplace
  5. How to give and receive instructions across cultures
  6. Setting clear expectations
  7. Coaching and mentoring communication

Don’t get caught off-guard by misunderstandings and risk your results. Get tuned in to cross-cultural communication styles, increase your skills, and get your message across!

Virtual Teamwork: Five Secrets for Succeeding across Distance, Time, and Culture

Teams dispersed all over the globe have become the norm for business today. Even colleagues working down the street from each other are likely to spend the majority of their time communicating virtually. Virtual team members face cultural differences, language and accent barriers, technology issues, and demanding communication requirements. As organizations grow their global presence, their workforce will need enhanced, specific skills to make an effective transition to the virtual workspace.  This highly interactive session highlights five key skills for creating high-performing global virtual teams.

Using examples from NASA and the International Space Station, we will explore the concepts of creating a virtual team culture, common pitfalls for dispersed teams, the role of cultural differences, meeting and e-mail etiquette, virtual team best practices, and more. Participants will have the opportunity to practice some of these skills in the session, and also walk away with practical tools they can use immediately.

Learning Objectives

  1. Analyze the success factors for high-performance virtual communication
  2. Create a framework for virtual team alignment
  3. Practice key skills for effective global virtual communication
  4. Formulate a plan for next steps

Effective Dialogue: How to Listen and Talk across Differences

Among today’s political, economic, and cultural storms, having effective dialogue across differences can seem impossible. Contrary to popular belief, however, it is realistic to have civil conversations and accomplish goals with people whose views counter your own. In this presentation, we will explore what causes escalation in difficult conversations, how to manage emotions, and most importantly strategies for achieving effective dialogue. Using proven methods and real life examples, participants will imagine a new way of engaging people across a wide spectrum. They will receive tools and resources, as well as insight into what difficulties they might face while using these techniques. To solve our common challenges, we need a common language. Join the conversation in this interactive presentation.

Grow Your Organization and Lead Your Team Effectively with DISC

One of the most important components of leadership is self-awareness. With a high-level of emotional intelligence and understanding of your own style, you can more effectively manage your relationship with others, bring teams together, mentor high-potentials, and grow your business. The DISC assessment is a tool that measures individuals on four behavior styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. The tools works by helping you recognize and acknowledge the strengths and limitations of your own style, as well as those of your team. This recognition helps leaders to reduce the communication barriers that can interfere in their goals and objectives, as well as use their style to their full advantage.

In this interactive session, you will have the opportunity to analyze your DISC assessment, and explore how your style can help you to grow your firm’s business. DISC is not a test; all styles are equally valid, but with awareness of your style you can tap into its potential. We will also discuss how the tool can help you identify the values behind your everyday behavior, manage conflict, and build cohesion in teams. You will have your assessment to take away and learn from into the future.


Partial Speaking Engagement List

Vicki Flier Hudson Speaking Testimonial“I had the pleasure of attending Vicki Flier Hudson’s presentation to PMI (Project Management Institute) Atlanta at the March 2011 Professional Growth session. Not only were Vicki’s energy and enthusiasm highly contagious, but she used an effective interactive approach to engage her audience and convey a truly useful message. Encouraged to volunteer actual case studies they themselves had experienced, attendees shared real-life examples of difficult workplace situations. This approach helps all of us learn from one another and obtain better results when facing future problems and issues. While Vicki facilitated an excellent discussion aimed at cross-cultural project management, she specifically highlighted the challenges inherent in the finance function. Undoubtedly, contributors to this function must be the most vigilant among their colleagues regarding deadlines. Depending upon where each of us has grown up, gone to school and gained work experience, attitudes toward deadlines can be amazingly diverse and lead to all sorts of conflict, in some cases even disastrous results. This point is well taken and was the deciding factor in my decision to invite Vicki to speak to the newly formed PMI Atlanta Finance LIG. We look forward to her presentation in September, 2011.”

– Whitney Waters, PMP, Project Management Institute

Vicki and Todd Speaking“Vicki and Todd, Thank you so much for all of the time and effort that you dedicated to making this Business Seminar a success! We only had great feedback from all of our attendees and learned a great deal from your presentation. Events like these are a great opportunity for members of our community to share knowledge and experience and this seminar was no exception! Events such as this one are part of what allows us to strengthen the German American business community.”

– Friederike Munzinger, Manager of Membership and Events, German American Chamber of Commerce