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Culture matters more than ever

More than ever organizations must leverage the best talent from around the world to stay competitive. However, cultural differences have a significant impact on a team’s ability to work together effectively. On the Highroad, we help leaders reduce barriers and create a culture of collaboration.

Global Leadership Coaching

Propel your global leaders to success with an experienced coach.

Cross-Cultural Training

Get the strategies you need to excel across national, regional, and functional cultures.

DEI Communication Planning

Roll out your DEI (Diversity/Equity/Inclusion) efforts successfully through clear and inspiring communication.

Expat Orientation Programs

Avoid pitfalls and get up to speed quickly in your new role abroad.

Inclusive Events

Elevate your All-Hands meetings or other events through amplifying diverse voices and increasing engagement.

Successful India Partnerships

Gain the strategies, tips, and secrets to working successfully with India. Learn More


“Vicki Flier Hudson was invited to facilitate a training on cultural differences, providing a deeper understanding of the American culture in particular. While our Corporate Headquarters are located in Duluth, Georgia, many of our DAILIES Supply Chain Leaders and their teams are based outside of the US. Close collaboration of these sites is key to guarantee consistently high quality of our DAILIES brand, the most selling one-day-contact lens globally. Vicki was able to teach and to inspire superbly our team. We took away both energy and insights for an even better collaboration and deeper friendship across our three sites and the Global team.”

Dietrich FechnerGlobal Head DAILIES Supply Chain, Germany

Let’s talk about how your teams can build a culture of collaboration with a global mindset and a robust skill set.

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