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Don’t sell your India partnership short

Working with India is critical to any global company, but challenges such as time zone differences, communication barriers, and different cultural approaches can hinder results. Highroad helps mid to large-sized companies get the most value out of their partnership with India and dramatically increase team collaboration.

Offshore Partnerships

Assess, optimize, and streamline your offshoring relationship with India.

India Cultural Training

Learn the strategies, tips, and secrets to working successfully with India.

US/India Team Building

Strengthen your cross-cultural team and fine-tune communication for best results.

Expat Orientation Programs

Culture-specific programs for Indians moving to the US or Canada on long-term assignment.

Communication Planning

Roll out your new India initiative with clear, culturally appropriate corporate communications.

Travel briefings

Hit the ground running in India on your next business trip.


“The educational program that Vicki Hudson of Highroad Global Services delivered in the US has opened my eyes about working with others (and I thought I was a pretty open-minded before). What’s more, both the Ceridian resources and onsite Cognizant resources in India who participated have expressed and demonstrated their increased awareness and consideration for cultural differences. I have been amazed by the transformation! Just understanding backgrounds and appreciating its impact on behavior has opened communication. I think of all the confusion and frustrations that could have been prevented had we conducted these sessions earlier.”

Lauren LedfordVP of Quality Assurance, Ceridian Corporation

Let’s talk about how to get the most value from your India partnership.

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