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Return To India

November 29, 2018 by Vicki Flier Hudson No Comment

Return to India Tomorrow I depart for India to conduct working leadership sessions with an amazing global company. I have rarely seen such dedication to building cultural bridges as I have from them, and I am excited to work together. As I pull out my Indian clothing from the closet and pack my suitcase I ...

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Living in the Gray Zone: A Key Skill for Thriving Across Cultures

April 25, 2017 by Vicki Flier Hudson No Comment

In October of 1997 I touched down in India for the first time. My senses were spinning as I rode in a taxi from the Calcutta (now Kolkata) airport to the center of town. I saw colors swirling around me, tall gleaming buildings alongside vegetable sellers’ carts, a goat being carried in a basket, motorcycles ...

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Sim Cards and Small Shops in Bangalore, India

June 9, 2012 by Vicki Flier Hudson 2 Comments

Day two of our summer in Bangalore and jet lag has us in its grip. We woke up at 7:30 AM with bright eyes and boundless optimism. By 2:00 PM our eyes were shutting against our will. In the hours in between, however, we cooked fried eggs in our own kitchen, drank our first cup ...