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By September 12, 2007No Comments

Welcome to my blog on adventure, travel, business and inspiration. While this might seem like a hodgepodge of topics, as you will see they all intersect on the Highroad. I have enjoyed traveling and building my cultural competence for years, but here is where I will take the step that completes the journey – sharing the story. Where we say our stories out loud is where the real work of our lives takes place.

I decided that in between business and world-hopping, I would take myself on Culture Dates whenever possible. Unlike a traditional date, I will be paying for my own meals and there will be no goodnight kiss, but I am excited about the prospects nonetheless. On these dates I will transport myself to a part of Atlanta or other parts of the United States with an interesting cultural slant to them, somewhere that puts me in touch with what is unfamiliar, different and maybe even uncomfortable. The purpose is to keep my skills sharp for you, my clients and colleagues, and to provide you with new information.

After each date I will report to you, my readers, and pass along tales of the fascinating nooks and crannies of culture that I have explored. International travel and business tales will also appear here, so join us on the Highroad; you never know where it will lead.

Vicki Flier Hudson

Vicki Flier Hudson, Chief Collaboration Officer for Highroad Global Services, Inc. inspires people to leverage the full power of differences. She has helped countless large-sized corporations establish successful operations across the globe and build bridges across cultures, distance, and time.

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