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Zen and the Art of Offshoring

How to Build a Collaborative and Profitable Team with Your Partners in India (Second Edition, 2016)

Zen and the Art of OffshoringImagine that three years ago you bought a reliable, high-performance car. You drive it every day, and it gets you from point A to point B.

How well do you know your car, though? Do you have the vehicle on a maintenance plan that will keep it running at its best? When the Check-Engine light comes on, do you know what to do? Does it mean the car is about to break down, or does it indicate a small problem that will not stop you from driving?

Like a car, an offshore contract with India or any other country can grow sluggish and run inefficiently without proper maintenance.

You need an owner’s manual to keep your partnership running at maximum performance.

Introducing Zen and the Art of Offshoring: How to Build a Collaborative and Profitable Team with Your Partners in India. It is your owner’s manual to help you maintain a high-performing cross-cultural team. Download the PDF to print, read on your computer, or add to your Kindle or Nook.

Is this book for me?

Zen and the Art of Offshoring is a primer for busy leaders and team members who want the most out of their offshore partnerships with the least amount of stress.

Considering an offshore relationship with India? With Zen and the Art of Offshoring, you can avoid the potholes and dangerous turns other companies have faced.

If your offshore partnership is two to four years old, the book reduces lingering struggles, increases efficiency, and saves time. Through the useful information in Zen and the Art of Offshoring, Indian partners learn how Western clients perceive them, which increases the possibilities for repeat business.

Your offshore team may be functioning well, but you may be wondering where you could go next. Zen and the Art of Offshoring provides a path to your next level of successful collaboration.

Want to know more about how to save the most money and still expand the global capability of your offshore contract? Keep reading…

How will Zen and the Art of Offshoring solve your offshoring challenges? ? Here are some the benefits you’ll see when you implement our strategies:

  • Increased cohesiveness in well-established offshore partnerships
  • Balanced communication between offshore liaisons and offshore workers
  • Greater efficiency in every area through addressing the “when ‘yes’ means ‘no'” issue
  • Increased trust on both sides
  • Reduced iterations of tasks going back and forth between onshore and offshore
  • Increased number of projects on schedule
  • Lessened resentment and heightened morale around offshore strategy
  • More efficient communication through addressing language and accent barriers
  • Better alignment across time zones
  • Improved social interaction; a united feeling between onshore and offshore
  • Increased cost savings from your offshore contract
  • Enhanced motivation from offshore partners who feel like part of the team

You can experience these benefits immediately, as you implement the strategies in Zen and the Art of Offshoring.

What’s in the book? What do I get?

Zen and the Art of Offshoring is a robust book (33,593 words) filled with tips, strategies, and secrets built from years of our work with companies in all industries and of all sizes.

Here are some of the topics you will read about:

  • The Zen approach to offshoring for more effective collaboration
  • Offshoring misconceptions and realities
  • The origin of offshore challenges
  • The Zen checklist assessment for offshore partnerships (for Indian and Western partners)
  • The 10 Zen principles of offshoring
  • The Divided-Ignited-United model for building offshore teams
  • Going beyond division and resentment in offshore teams
  • Specific strategies for organizational or team leaders managing offshore teams
  • Bridging the communication and relationship gap between onshore and offshore
  • India and the West: The cultural differences that make a difference
  • The cultural challenges no one talks about
  • NASA’s Apollo 11 mission model for achieving alignment with your offshore team
  • Common stereotypes about India and the West
  • Offshoring top 10 lists (common mistakes Westerners make with Indians and vice versa)
  • Common ground between India and the United States
  • How to travel safely and successfully in India
  • Recommended books and websites for further learning

All of this value for only $12.95.

Thank you for choosing Zen and the Art of Offshoring. We look forward to helping you build collaboration with your partners across the globe.

For more information on how Highroad Global Services can help you build a high-performing offshore team, please click on our India-specific training page: https://www.highroaders.com/services/india-training/.