Highroaders Relocation Services

Relocation Services

Moving abroad brings excitement but also many challenges. The Highroad expatriate orientation and relocation programs reduce stress and prepare assignees to be successful from the time they land in country. According to the Global Relocation Trends survey, 80% of companies responding found that cross-cultural training had a great or high value in terms of the success of expatriate assignments. As a boutique firm, Highroad Global Services brings individualized attention to every expatriate’s needs. Take the Highroad and start out your assignment on the right path.

Living and Working Programs for Expatriates

For expatriates and their families (1-2 days)

Our Living and Working programs prepare international assignees and their families for successful life in a new country. We cover all aspects of expatriate life, including the following:

  • Daily life (shopping, entertaining, banking, hobbies, and more)
  • Social life, friendships, and family
  • Cultural differences
  • Dealing with cultural adjustment
  • Country history and background
  • Communication
  • Doing business in your new country
  • The expatriate spouse and children
  • Any other topic of relevance to the participant

Highroad expatriate programs are extensive, covering in detail complex topics such as the US healthcare system and underlying cultural value differences. Early termination of expatriate assignments can cost an organization hundreds of thousands of dollars. Give your employees the tools they need to carry out their assignments successfully and be at their best.

We have conducted this program for Living and Working in the USA, Germany, China, Thailand, France, Italy, Ireland, England, Saudi Arabia, Korea, the Netherlands, India, and more.

Each Living and Working program includes a check-up from a Highroad consultant at one month, three months, and six months, at no additional cost.

Coming Home

For returning expatriates and their families (1 day)

While moving abroad is challenging, coming home can be equally difficult. Many returning expatriates feel lost and out of touch. Many suffer from reverse culture shock, which hampers productivity and strains family relationships. This Highroad program focuses on successful reentry strategies to achieve a positive transition back into the work environment.

Expatriate Coaching

For senior leaders or those pressed for time

Executives and other leaders may not have the time to engage in a two-day cross-cultural expatriate program. While we highly recommend the full sessions, Highroad offers coaching by phone or Skype to help expatriates with their most pressing issues.

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