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Better Results and Collaboration with India

Highroad helps mid to large-sized companies get the most value out of their contract with India and dramatically increase team collaboration.

Whether your organization is in the early stages of an offshore transition, part of an established relationship, or has employees in India, you can lose valuable time and money without the right practices in place. Highroad Global Services has the keys to successful collaboration with India.

Click here for statistics and results from our programs. Highroad Global Services has the keys to successful collaboration with India.


Common Offshoring Challenges

  • Getting a “yes” when you have a sense that something is wrong
  • More time spent overseeing processes than money saved
  • Uncertainty about what capabilities your offshore resources have to offer
  • Language, accent, and time zone barriers
  • Lack of social interaction, “us and them” feeling between onshore and offshore

Let Highroad help you solve these challenges and build an offshore team that operates with trust, effectiveness, and results.

“The educational program that Vicki Hudson of Highroad Global Services delivered in the US has opened my eyes about working with others (and I thought I was a pretty open-minded before). What is more, both the Ceridian resources and onsite Cognizant resources who participated have expressed and demonstrated their increased awareness and consideration for cultural differences. I have been amazed by the transformation! Just understanding backgrounds and appreciating its impact on behavior has opened communication. I think of all the confusion and frustrations that could have been prevented had we conducted these sessions earlier.”

-Lauren Ledford, VP of Quality Assurance, Ceridian Corporation

The Solutions

Highroad’s India Offshore Contract Booster

This initiative has brought three things to our clients: Greater value from their offshore contract, increased speed of task completion, and a dramatic, positive shift in team culture. We recommend the following steps be taken as a complete unit in sequence; however they can be done separately if needed.

Highroad Offshoring Excellence Assessment

Similar to an energy audit on your home, we look for areas in your offshore partnership where productivity, morale, revenue or efficiency might be slowly leaking out, causing unnecessary frustration and lost time. Choose between a new offshore partnership assessment and one designed for relationships older than 36 months.

How does the Offshore Excellence Assessment work? Click here for an executive summary.

Working Effectively with Indian Partners Workshop
For Western Clients in Offshore Partnerships (2 hours virtual, 1/2 day, or 1 day face-to-face)

Through this workshop Western clients will…

  • Analyze offshoring best practices and get a road map for applying them
  • Dramatically improve communication, reduce roadblocks, and develop procedures for faster results
  • Discover the best ways to build relationships with Indian teammates
  • Create a high-performing team with Indians through knowledge of Indian workplace values, history, etiquette, and beliefs
Working Effectively with Western Clients and Partners
For Indian Team Members in an Organization or Offshore Partnerships (2 hours virtual, 1/2 day, or 1 day face-to-face)

Through this workshop Indian partners will…

  • Improve communication and address the common cultural gaps and frustrations between India and the U.S. or Europe
  • Manage expectations and build relationships with Western colleagues
  • Develop an effective communication protocol with Western clients
  • Gain knowledge of Western cultural values, etiquette, beliefs, and workplace behavior
Building a High-Performing U.S./India Team
Bringing the Whole Team Together (2 hours virtual or 1/2 day face-to-face)

In this inspiring, solution-oriented session the team will…

  • Discuss challenges from both sides and select the priority issues
  • Engage in exercises to build trust and get to know each other on a more personal level
  • Build protocols such as managing time zones, conference calls, deadlines, and more
  • Plan the next series of action steps to ensure the continued growth of the team

Once this initiative is complete, Highroad Global Services makes a presentation to leadership with our recommendations. If you want to stop struggling and get the best results from your offshore partnership, contact us to learn more about the Highroad Collaborative Offshoring Initiative can meet your needs.

Contact us for more information at 770.936.9209.