The present and the future of work is global

More than ever organizations have the opportunity to leverage the best talent from around the world. However, cultural differences still have a significant impact on a team’s ability to work together effectively. On the Highroad, we will help you create a culture of global collaboration.

Cross-Cultural Teambuilding

Bring your global team together, create norms and agreements, and learn cross-cultural best practices.

Country-Specific Training

Get the strategies you need to exceed expectations in your target country.

Virtual Team Training

Enhance your skills for working across cultures, distance, and time.

Expat Orientation Programs

Get up to speed quickly in your new role abroad.


Solve your specific global challenges with a personalized coaching partnership.

Travel briefings

Hit the ground running on your next business trip to a new country.


“Vicki Flier Hudson was invited to facilitate a training on cultural differences, providing a deeper understanding of the American culture in particular. While our Corporate Headquarters are located in Duluth, Georgia, many of our DAILIES Supply Chain Leaders and their teams are based outside of the US, namely in Singapore and Germany. Close collaboration of these sites is key to guarantee consistently high quality of our DAILIES brand, the most selling one-day-contact lens globally. Vicki gave our team a concise as well as a comprehensive introduction into the roots and basics of the US culture. With her outstanding knowledge of her home country’s culture, combined with her in-depth and real-life studies of many other cultures, she was able to teach and to inspire superbly our team. We took away both energy and insights for an even better collaboration and deeper friendship across our three sites and the Global team.”

Dietrich FechnerGlobal Head DAILIES Supply Chain, Germany

Let’s talk about how your teams can build a culture of collaboration with a global mindset and a robust skill set.

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