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Cross-Cultural Training

Create inclusion and best results

Today’s workforce is increasingly global, and more than ever organizations have the opportunity to leverage the best talent from around the world. Cultural differences, however, still have a significant impact on a team’s ability to work together effectively. Cross-cultural training has been shown to reduce barriers and increase productivity.

On this page you will find samples of some of our course offerings. Contact us to see what we can design for your organization.

Working Across Differences: Compassionate Courage for Difficult Conversations

For people working in a diverse team (1/2 – 2 days)

When people come into any workplace, they carry their views, values, and opinions with them. In addition, they bring their personality, culture, and communication style. While studies show that all of these elements can bring value to a team or client relationship, they can also bring conflict. In this course we will explore effective ways to have conversations with people who are different from you. Using research, video, role play, and case studies, participants will learn highly reliable techniques for having difficult conversations, and put them into practice in the classroom environment.

Participants will walk away with tools and resources they can apply immediately. Help your workforce have a positive influence on those around them, even those with vastly different views.

Country-Specific Programs

For people doing business, virtually or in person, with a specific country (1/2 – 2 days)

This program provides the strategies you need to meet your goals and exceed expectations with your target country. Communicate effectively with partners and customers from countries such as India, China, Germany, Great Britain, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, and many others. Learn about the following and more:

  • Managing deadlines and meetings
  • Management styles
  • How different cultures view hierarchy, relationships, and time
  • Gift giving
  • Risk tolerance

Build relationships and avoid offending through proper business and social etiquette of your host country. Understand the cultural values that drive clients, and you will win their respect and their business.

A “Traveling Safely and Successfully to…” component may be added to this program.

Global Leadership Coaching

For leaders responsible for global operations and leading teams across borders (60 minutes per session)

What is global leadership? It is more than simply managing or maintaining the status quo. This coaching program begins with the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), a scientifically valid assessment of intercultural capability. Leaders learn their strengths and areas for development, as well as how to use the IDI profile to solve their specific challenges. They will learn new skills and strategies for working effectively and agilely with global counterparts. Through coaching, global leaders integrate authenticity with return on investment, and business with relationship management. Motivate team members across borders and create win-win collaboration.


Expatriate Relocation Coaching

For individuals or families about to move abroad or who recently completed an international move

Moving abroad brings excitement but also many challenges. The Highroad expatriate orientation and relocation programs reduce stress and prepare assignees to be successful from the time they land in country. According to the Global Relocation Trends survey, 80% of companies responding found that cross-cultural training had a great or high value in terms of the success of expatriate assignments. As a boutique firm, Highroad Global Services brings individualized attention to every expatriate’s needs. Take the Highroad and start out your assignment on the right path.

To learn more about our expatriate coaching programs, click here.


Virtual training to Build Effective Global Teams

For members and leaders of any geographically dispersed team (2 hours each)

If you have been a participant at boring, non-engaging webinars before, have no fear. Highroad virtual training is designed to achieve total involvement from all participants. Our web-based training uses polls, surveys, chats, photos, and group activities to keep the team present, alert, and learning. Using Adobe Connect, a highly collaborative software (http://www.adobe.com/products/adobeconnect.html), we bring global virtual teams together to share ideas and learn best practices.

Representative topics include…

  • Focus on India: Building Teams Between East and West
  • Focus on Global Virtual Communication: Best Practices for Clarity, Accuracy, Warmth, and Efficiency
  • Focus on Trust: Building Collaboration Across Time, Distance, and Cultures
  • Focus on Virtual Project Execution: The Four Performance Zones for Successful Project Teamwork

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