About Highroad Global Services

About Highroad Global Services

What is the Highroad?

The HighroadHighroad Global Services is a training and coaching company that releases the power of global teams. We prepare people and organizations to collaborate and work across cultures, distance, time, and mindsets. The company was born out of a passion to unite dispersed teams and leverage the value of all individuals. Highroad shines in helping our clients have positive team interactions, as well as difficult, courageous conversations. We use the science of assessments such as DISC and Emotional Intelligence to release the full potential of teams around the world.

Highroad shines in 4 areas

  1. We improve performance and boost results in global virtual teams.
  2. We help mid to large-sized companies get the most value of their contracts with India.
  3. We create inclusion and efficiency through cross-cultural training and coaching.
  4. We give keynote presentations that entertain, move, and motivate attendees.

Why Highroad’s Global Collaboration Training?

Teams dispersed all over the globe have become the norm for business today. Even colleagues working down the street from each other are likely to spend the majority of their time communicating virtually. Virtual and co-located team members face cultural differences, language and accent barriers, technology issues, and demanding communication requirements. As organizations grow their global presence, their workforce may need enhanced, specific skills to make an effective transition to the virtual workspace. Highroad Global Services has conducted hundreds of cross-cultural programs around the world. We are also one of the few companies in the US that specializes in offshore partnerships with India. Let us help you today. Want to learn more? Check out some frequently asked questions.

At Highroad we help you meet your global business objectives and inspire your staff and leaders to connect across culture, distance, and time.

Our facilitators speak multiple languages, including German, French, Spanish, English, Mandarin, and Hindi. We delight our participants with real-world travel experiences, practical solutions, and imaginative approaches to problem-solving.

Highroad also offers virtual training unlike any you’ve experienced. No more boring slide shows with no audience engagement. In a Highroad webinar, you will find yourself asking questions, chatting with other participants, taking surveys, and more.

Join us on the Highroad, get inspired, and grow your global business.


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