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Virtual Team Training

For geographically dispersed teams across the globe

The Highroad to United Global Virtual Teams

Teams dispersed all over the globe have become the norm for business today. Even colleagues working down the street from each other are likely to spend the majority of their time communicating virtually. Virtual team members face cultural differences, language and accent barriers, technology issues, and demanding communication requirements. As organizations grow their global presence, their workforce may need enhanced, specific skills to make an effective transition to the virtual workspace.

Give your global virtual teams the skills they need to achieve high-performance.

Virtual training to Build Effective Global Teams

For members and leaders of any geographically dispersed team (virtual format, 2 hours each)

If you have been a participant at boring, non-engaging webinars before, have no fear. Highroad virtual training is designed to achieve total involvement from all participants. Our web-based training uses polls, surveys, chats, photos, and group activities to keep the team present, alert, and learning. Using Adobe Connect, a highly collaborative software (http://www.adobe.com/products/adobeconnect.html), we bring global virtual teams together to share ideas and learn best practices.

Representative topics include…

  • Focus on India: Building United Teams Between East and West
  • Focus on Global Virtual Communication: Best Practices for Clarity, Accuracy, Warmth, and Efficiency
  • Focus on Trust: Building Collaboration Across Time, Distance, and Cultures
  • Focus on Virtual Project Execution: The Four Performance Zones for Successful Project Teamwork

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Collaborative Offshoring

For teams in the early stages of an offshore partnership with countries such as India, Mexico, or Uruguay, or for teams with established offshore relationships.

Most companies are busy growing their businesses and do not have the time or resources to focus on the details of offshoring. Yet studies show that a lack of collaborative best practices can have a significant impact on offshore contracts. Let Highroad help you solve these challenges and build an offshore team that operates with trust and effectiveness.

Do you want to get the best results from your offshore partnership?

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