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Highroad Global Services is pleased to offer a series of free reports and websites to help you grow your global business. Just click on the links below for insight, tips and more. Feel free to print, download and share these reports. Keep checking back with us! New reports come several times a year.

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Current Free Reports and Videos

Executive Leadership Institute Video on Global Leadership

This video, taken from a presentation by Vicki Flier Hudson at the Kettering Executive Network, explores the impact of cross-cultural challenges on revenue and the best practices to stay ahead.

1. Lessons from Space for the Global Virtual Workplace

Today’s workplace teams are likely to have members from all over the world. Differences in culture, language, accents, and technology can be barriers to performance. But a number of tools derived from NASA’s space program can bring your global virtual teams together. This article published in Industrial Management magazine outlines those tools and best practices.

This article is provided with permission of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers from the May/June 2017 issue of Industrial Management, Copyright©2017 Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. All rights reserved.

Click here to download the article.


2. The Number One Impact on Offshore Deals: Cultural Differences

This article, published in Nearshore Americas, discusses the role of cross-cultural training in creating sustainable, productive offshore partnerships. Author Luke Bujarski interviewed Highroad Global Services and other experts in language and cross-cultural training to better understand how clients meet their offshore expectations. The article also looks at the cultural differences that can make or break a cross-border contract.

Click here to download the article.


3. From Divided to Ignited to United:

Proper planning is necessary if you want more than raw data or an information dump from your offshore business. Cultural education and team building can unite your global teams, leveraging them to operate as a single entity, yet respecting and valuing differences. Click here to find out in which stage your global business stands.

Click here to download the report.


4. Top Ten Tips for Doing Business Outside the United States

Doing business outside the US can be challenging if you’re unfamiliar with the global landscape. This article by Highroad chief Vicki Flier Hudson offers ten easy tips for success abroad. Click here to read more.


5. Effective Cross-Cultural Project Management:

This article, a feature published in September of 2007 in Industrial Engineer magazine, highlights the common pitfalls of planning a project across cultures and provides several strategies for success. Do not miss this content-rich, practical report on streamlining your projects and ensuring results across borders.

Click here to download the Free Project Planning Report

Copyright © 2007. Reprinted with permission of the Institute of Industrial Engineers from September 2007, Industrial Engineer. All rights reserved.


6. The Untapped Goldmine: Marketing to Diverse Consumers:

Are you reaching all of your potential consumers? Are you ready for marketing in a globalized economy? Connecting with consumers’ cultural values and needs is a key part of marketing today. Read this report for tips, resources and in-depth understanding about raising your market value for a diverse set of customers.

Click here to download the Free Diverse Marketing Report


7. How Company Leaders Turn New Diversity Trends into Sustainable Growth:

Highroad President Vicki Flier Hudson was recently asked to speak at a diversity panel at Emory’s Goizueta Business School. Panelists came from organizations such as Turner Broadcasting, the Atlanta Falcons and Deloitte & Touche. Each speaker offered valuable insight into the traps and pitfalls of diversity today, as well as solutions that benefit all employees. Learn what these successful leaders have done including flexibility for working mothers, vacation incentives for U.S. based employees and more.

Click here to download the Free Diversity Report.


8. The Five Keys to Successful Intercultural Communication:

Global communication has become a way of life, but it doesn’t mean we understand others enough to meet our goals. Five keys to successful intercultural communication open the doors to understanding and serving clients best.
Click here to download this article written for the ATA Chronicle:

Free Intercultural Communication Report


9. Fight the Fear: Maximize Your International Business:

You may have heard the expression before, but how has its meaning changed in light of the global economic downturn? No part of the world seems untouched by the recession, and as we all share the burden, leaders are seeking ways to maximize current business investments, cut costs and root out inefficiencies. Some people, on the other hand, let fear control their decisions, and therefore they retract into isolation. Read on to see how to fight the fear and grow your international business.

Click here to download the Free Fight the Fear Report


10. Cross-Cultural Competency: The Skill You Can’t Survive Without:

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